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You will need to produce a powerpoint that describes the following:



Tenon Saw, Rip Saw, Coping Saw, Marking Gauges, Try Squares, Marking Knife, Bevel edge Chisel, Steel Rule, Pencil, Mortice Chisel, Sand Paper, Bench vice, Sash cramps, G-Clamps, Chisel Blocks, Sliding Bevel, Tape Measure, Mallet, Cordless Drill, Planes, Bench Hook, Drill types, Hammers, Spirit Level


Your report should expain the function of the tool, think of the kind of situation you might use the tool in and it is used safely.



Hardwoods, Softwoods, Plywood, MDF, OSB, Chipboard, The FSC.



You must explain how dust can cause long term health effects and what steps should be taken to avoid this.

You should explain how to work safely in a workshop, this description should include the following:

  1. What PPE should you use.
  2. How should you keep your tools?
  3. How would you use machinery?
  4. How would you transport large pieces of timber?
  5. What precautions would you take when treating timber with chemicals