Unit Overview
P1 - Stages of Project
P2 - Members of the Build Team
P3 - Resources
P4 - Techniques to Plan, Control and Organise
P5 - Proceedures to Monitor and Control
P6 - Discuss Examples
P7 - Create Documentation
M1 - Produce Organisational Charts
M2 - Compare Resource Management Techniques
M3 - Factors that Affect Project Progress
D1 - Compare Software
D2 - Evaluate Planning, Organisational and Control Techniques

P5 - Management Proceedures


Explain the management procedures used to monitor and control resources when organising construction projects



Your boss has asked you to explain how they can manage the resources on site, it will help if you explain what problems might arise if resources are not managed, you will need to consider:

  1. Labour
  2. Materials
  3. Sub-contractors
  4. Plant


Page 252 - 258 will help you with this task.


If you were responsible for project managing a large construction site, where most of your time would be taken up dealing with problems and motivating people to hit dealines, how would you keep track of things like:


  1. Ensuring deliveried are correct with no missing items.
  2. You sub-contractors such as electricians and plumbers are only scheduled for the days you need them, and you only pay them for those days.
  3. Large plant machinery is fully serviced and in the right place at the right time.


Example for P5