Unit Overview
P1 - Stages of Project
P2 - Members of the Build Team
P3 - Resources
P4 - Techniques to Plan, Control and Organise
P5 - Proceedures to Monitor and Control
P6 - Discuss Examples
P7 - Create Documentation
M1 - Produce Organisational Charts
M2 - Compare Resource Management Techniques
M3 - Factors that Affect Project Progress
D1 - Compare Software
D2 - Evaluate Planning, Organisational and Control Techniques

P3 - Resources


discuss the resources required to complete a construction project



You must list the resources needed to complete the housing development, these should include:

  1. Plant machinery
  2. Human Resources including the role of sub-contractors

If you refer back to your work for P1, try to think of the resources you will need at each stage of the construction. You only need to list the main materials being used at each stage, you do not need to list hand tools that general operatives and subcontractors would have as standard practice.


You could set this out as a table:

Stage Human Resource Equipment Materials
Dig Foundations


Plant operators / drivers


Dumper Truck

None - Removal of soil
Pour Foundations


Project Manager or Surveyor to establish level of concrete.


Concrete Truck

Leveling equipment