Unit Overview
P1 - Stages of Project
P2 - Members of the Build Team
P3 - Resources
P4 - Techniques to Plan, Control and Organise
P5 - Proceedures to Monitor and Control
P6 - Discuss Examples
P7 - Create Documentation
M1 - Produce Organisational Charts
M2 - Compare Resource Management Techniques
M3 - Factors that Affect Project Progress
D1 - Compare Software
D2 - Evaluate Planning, Organisational and Control Techniques

P2 - Roles of the Building Team

describe the roles and interrelationships of the members of the building team involved in resource management, planning and production.



Using the company structure provided explain the role and responsibility of each member.


You will be provided with a range of discussions, in each case explain:


1 - Who would be involved in the discussion
2 - Who will provide the answers
3 - Will the discussion be verbal or email




Download the company structure, either add to this powerpoint or produce a separate piece of work.



Describe the role and the responsibility of each of the members.

This is similar to some of Unit 1 P1 - but in the assignment you only referred to their safety responsibilities - now you must think of what their actual job entails.


Next explain which members of the construction or design teams would be having the following conversations, explain who is likely to initiate the conversation, whether it would be verbal or email and who will have the answers.


  1. "Issues with subcontractors not wearing the correct PPE"
  2. "A delivery of copper pipe cannot be located, nobody is sure when, or even if it was ever delivered"
  3. "An underground sewer has been discovered during the dig for the foundations, advice is needed on how to progress."
  4. "Some of the subcontractors have been continually turning up late and their work is of poor quality, advice is needed on whether they can be sacked."
  5. "The price on an order form and the invoice do not match"
  6. "The amount of concrete required for the foundations"


Use pages 235 to 239 to help you, this piece of work will feed into M1.