Unit Overview
P1 - Stages of Project
P2 - Members of the Build Team
P3 - Resources
P4 - Techniques to Plan, Control and Organise
P5 - Proceedures to Monitor and Control
P6 - Discuss Examples
P7 - Create Documentation
M1 - Produce Organisational Charts
M2 - Compare Resource Management Techniques
M3 - Factors that Affect Project Progress
D1 - Compare Software
D2 - Evaluate Planning, Organisational and Control Techniques

Evaluate Planning, Control and Organisational Techniques.


List the advantages and disadvantages of each of the techniques listed below. You should make reference to what sort of project they are most suited to.



Gantt Charts

Good on large scale projects

Can be over complicated

Good if software links to other aspects such as materials control and staff costs.

Company needs to invest in good software

Will need trained staff

Helps plan ordering and delivery of materials, staff and resources


Time and Motion Study

useful if similar projects are to be undertaken in the future.

Require trained staff to carry out and analyse data

Can produce cost savings on future projects


Lines of Balance

Good for projects such as road building or apartment blocks where recurrent tasks take place.

Do not provide detail.


Programme's of Work

Make it clear who is contractually obliged to complete certain works

Will normally include key milestones and deadlines

Will specify standards and materials



Company Hierarchy Charts

Helps subcontractors and new employees know everyone's role

Can help with communication


Site Meetings

Chance to discuss safety issues

Managers can gauge staff motivation

Gives operatives and contractors a chance to communicate with mangers


Progress Meetings

Gives people a chance to check progress and plan for delays

Helps coordinate work on site




Site Layout Plans

Helps control the movement of materials and staff on large sites

Lets staff know about hazards on site

Fire safety can be included

Useful when lots of different subcontractors will be on site


Traffic Control Systems

Reduces the risk of accidents

Prevents traffic jams with plant machinery


Time Sheets

Simple paper system

Can get lost or misplaced

Gives managers a mechanism to discuss progress


Plant Log Sheets

Helps to make sure vehicle gets correct service

Can track history of use.


Snagging Lists

Clear system of correcting faults

Can now be IT/ smart phone based


Goods Checking and Order Forms

Can be a simple paper system

Ensures materials have arrived

Relies on someone having the order to hand

Paper versions can get lost

Ensures materials go to the right location on site


Method Statements

Help people work safely and to plan

Helps avoid incorrect construction