Unit Overview
P1 - Stages of Project
P2 - Members of the Build Team
P3 - Resources
P4 - Techniques to Plan, Control and Organise
P5 - Proceedures to Monitor and Control
P6 - Discuss Examples
P7 - Create Documentation
M1 - Produce Organisational Charts
M2 - Compare Resource Management Techniques
M3 - Factors that Affect Project Progress
D1 - Compare Software
D2 - Evaluate Planning, Organisational and Control Techniques

D1 Comparing Software

It may be easier to compare the software in a table format. When comparing software you may want to consider some of the following:


  1. Cost it produce a gang chart?
  2. Can it create a schedule?
  3. Can it have multiple users?
  4. Can it be accessed on line, eg tablet on site?
  5. How easy is it to learn, try to quantify this in the time it may take?
  6. Will it link to suppliers and materials?
  7. Can it create order forms?
  8. Can the schedules be printed?
  9. Will it trouble shoot for you, eg will it let you know if you,veg used the same resource twice at the same time?
  10. Will it create order forms?


Some of the following links may help you research different types of project planning software.


http://planningproapp.com - This is what you were taught to use


http://www.capterra.com/project-management-software/ This site alows you to compare software (make sure it's construction based project management)



https://www.g2crowd.com/products/smartsheet/reviews Review of Smartsheet


https://www.g2crowd.com/products/microsoft-project/reviews Review of Microsoft Project