Unit Overview
P1 - Factors that influence the Design Process
P2 - Communication
P2 - Design Team
P3 - Production Team
P4 - Legal Implications
P5 - Written Communication
P6 - Construction Methods
P7 - Specifications
P8 - Drawings
M2 - Communicating Design Changes
M3 - Terminology
D1 - Evaluate RIBA
D2 - Appraise Instructions

Unit Overview

The main focus of this unit will learning about the process of designing a project. You will be required to produce both freehand sketch drawings and accurate CAD drawings for a small development of residential houses.


You will be able to explain the role of the design team and the production team.


The following links will prove useful when looking for information to support your work:


www.greenspec.co.uk Green Building


www.thenbs.com National Building Specification




www.architecture.com RIBA






You can download a student version of AutoCad at: