Unit Overview
P6 Performance Criteria
P7 Production and Manufacture
P8 Important Features
P9 Material Deterioration
P10 Prevention of Deterioration

P7 Production and Manufacture.

For P7 you must describe how two construction materials are produced and manufactured, more specifically you should look at the following:


  1. Where does the material come from, is it extracted from the ground or manufactured?
  2. Is the material shaped or processed in any way?
  3. What machinery or chemicals are involved in the production of the material?
  4. How is the material transported, consider the distance it would need to travel to get to a site near school.
  5. What is the relative amount of energy that is used to produce the material?


You could choose from the following materials:


  1. Concrete
  2. Steel - be specific, for example RSJs
  3. Timber - again be specific, pine, oak, etc
  4. Slate
  5. Bricks
  6. UPVC
  7. Glass


Where possible include diagrams and pictures of the stages of production and manufacture.