Unit Overview
P1 - Explain Statutory Development
P2 - Discuss Statutory Development
P3 - Legislation
P4 - Functional Requirements
P5 - Visual Components
P6 - Data Collection
P7 - Collate Data to Support Application
P8 - Complete Planning Application
P9 - Produce Written Reports
P10 - Produce Graphic Designs
M1 - Compare Plans
M2 - Analyse Requirements
M3 - Analyse Data
D1 - Evaluate Townscape and Landscape
D2 - Evaluate Alternative Proposals

Unit 24 P5 Visual Components

You describe the visual components of an urban and a landscape development.


When writing your report you may want to consider the following for the urban development:


  1. How would you describe the development, small thatched cottage or a large apartment complex?
  2. What materials have been used and why? Are they sympathetic to the surrounding area, or are they based on what may have been previously there?
  3. Describe the appearance against the existing skyline, what are the surrounding buildings like and and how does this development fit in with them.
  4. Describe the detail of the development
  5. Window frames
  6. Spacing of Windows
  7. Decorative brick or concrete work
  8. Have any other cladding materials been used
  9. What is on the roof
  10. What is on the ground floor


For the landscape development you should consider some of the following:


  1. Why is a landscape scheme being used? Think about section 106 and public use
  2. Describe the grass areas and pathways
  3. What work has already been completed to the Thames path
  4. What sort of plants are being used
  5. How are trees and bushes placed, will they provide privacy and shade.
  6. Will the landscape scheme help to soften the impact of the built development?
  7. Are the pathways open in such a way that people would feel safe walking alone
  8. Is any sculpture being implemented, what is the purpose of this?
  9. Can members of the public walk through the grounds?
  10. Are people encouraged to walk along certain routes and how is this achieved?