Unit Overview
P1 - Explain Statutory Development
P2 - Discuss Statutory Development
P3 - Legislation
P4 - Functional Requirements
P5 - Visual Components
P6 - Data Collection
P7 - Collate Data to Support Application
P8 - Complete Planning Application
P9 - Produce Written Reports
P10 - Produce Graphic Designs
M1 - Compare Plans
M2 - Analyse Requirements
M3 - Analyse Data
D1 - Evaluate Townscape and Landscape
D2 - Evaluate Alternative Proposals

P3 identify legislative requirements.

From the example planning application you have been provided with what are the legislative requirements, that is to say what must the application include and address?


  1. Drawings (What drawings should it include)?
  2. Materials are sympathetic to original building?
  3. Landscaping scheme.
  4. Are there any special land designations
  5. Section 106 (jobs and landscaping scheme).
  6. Traffic study, this looks at the impact of 457 new dwellings will have on the local public transport.
  7. The impact on the Thames path, for example it considers both the current use in term s of commuting and recreation along with the addition of new users.
  8. It considers to current provision from a road safety point of view in in terms of road crossing and pavement width.