Unit Overview


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Descrieb six different features of the natural environment that must be constidered at the planning stage of a project.

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Explain four different forms of global pollution arising from construction projects.


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Explain how four different forms of local pollution arising from construction projects may harm the local environment.



Explain four key methods used to protect the natural environment from the impact of the construction and built environment sector


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Explain three different, fit-for-purpose sustainable construction techniques.


Huf Haus are a German company that manufacture the house in a factory then assemble on site, this is known as a kit house (timber framing and SIPs are also forms of kits house).


Consider how this can impact on the environment.









Assess the potential environmental impact of a proposed construction project on the local natural environment



Compare the four key methods used to protect the natural environment in terms of cost, effectiveness and public perception



Compare sustainable construction techniques in terms of relative cost and performance.



Assess the importance of addressing environmental issues for the mutual benefit of the community and individual construction firms



Justify the use of appropriate sustainable construction techniques for a specified construction project.