Unit Overview
P1 - Surveying Equipment
P2 - Drawing Your Plan
P3 - Levelling Equipment
P4 - Height Profile
P5 - Theodolites
P6 - Measuring Angles
P7 - Setting Out Terminology
P8 - Setting out Practical
M3 - Setting Up Profile Boards

P7 - Identify Setting Out Terminology


Identify setting out terminology



Your boss has asked you to produce a report that will list the tools and terminology used when setting out sites.


You should list three different ways of setting out, diagrams will probably be helpful when describing the different methods



Use pages 378 - 384 to help.


You should describe the following equipment and terminology:

  1. Setting Out
  2. Temporary Bench Mark
  3. Datum Peg
  4. Corner Peg or Stake
  5. Profile Boards


You will also need to write up the following stages of setting out:

Using a 345 Triangle to get a 90 degree angle.


  1. Check site for hazards
  2. Place datum peg for heights
  3. Measure and place markers at rough corner points


Using Pythagorus to check diaganols and locate a site (see worked example on P8)