Unit Overview
P1 - Surveying Equipment
P2 - Drawing Your Plan
P3 - Levelling Equipment
P4 - Height Profile
P5 - Theodolites
P6 - Measuring Angles
P7 - Setting Out Terminology
P8 - Setting out Practical
M3 - Setting Up Profile Boards

P1 - Linear Surveying Terminology


Identify linear surveying terminology



Your boss has asked you to produce a short written report identifying the equipment they would need to purchase for a surveyor to carry out linear surveys.


Use page 348-349 to help with the tools you'll require or use the internet to research the following:


  1. Steel Tape
  2. Fibre Glass Tape
  3. Plumb Bob
  4. Pocket Steel Tape
  5. Long Chain Arrows
  6. Ranging Poles
  7. Chalk Line
  8. Abney Level


In each case explain what the tool is used for and how it is used.


Cick here for an example of how you could present your work


Below are two methods of carrying out a linear survey, download the worksheet and plot the location of the lamp post on the worksheet using each method. Explain the advantages or limitations of each method on the worksheet.


Measurement by Offset


Measurement by Trilateration



Click here to download the worksheet.


You will need to print two copies, one for each method of measurement.