Unit Overview
P1 - Surveying Equipment
P2 - Drawing Your Plan
P3 - Levelling Equipment
P4 - Height Profile
P5 - Theodolites
P6 - Measuring Angles
P7 - Setting Out Terminology
P8 - Setting out Practical
M3 - Setting Up Profile Boards

Unit Overview

Surveying is an essential part of any building project, it is the surveying aspect of a construction project that ensures the building is both the correct size and in the correct location.


surveyorBy the end of this unit you should be able to take and record accurate measurements using a variety of equipment and methods.


Much of this unit will be conducted outdoors and you will be assessed on your ability to use the surveying equipment accurately.


You will be able to use your knowledge of the surveying equipment to set out a site and apply some of your knowledge from the maths unit in calculating distances.