Unit Overview
Grading Criteria
P1 - Responsibilities
P2 - Legislation
M1 - Interaction
P3 - Identifying Hazards
P4 - Risk Assessment
M2 - Completing a risk assessment
D1 - Justify a Risk Assessment
P5 - Control Measures
P6 - Accident Reporting
M3 - Accident Data
D2 - Evaluating Accident Reports

P4 - Risk Assessment

Criteria - describe the main principles and features of a typical risk assessment for a given workplace situation


Task - Create a step by step guide to creating a risk assessment, you should look at the HSE’s 5 step guide to help with your work.

Risk assessments are a vital tool that must be used to before commencing any activity on a construction site. You have been asked to produce some notes on how a risk assessment should be produced.


You should look at the HSE's 5 step guide to producing a risk assessment ou


You will need to identify what the main features of a risk assessment are, an example of a risk assessment form can be found using the link below;


Risk Assessment