Unit Overview
Grading Criteria
P1 - Responsibilities
P2 - Legislation
M1 - Interaction
P3 - Identifying Hazards
P4 - Risk Assessment
M2 - Completing a risk assessment
D1 - Justify a Risk Assessment
P5 - Control Measures
P6 - Accident Reporting
M3 - Accident Data
D2 - Evaluating Accident Reports

M2 - Completing a Risk Assessment

Criteria - carry out a typical risk assessment for a given workplace situation using a suitable format

Task - Produce a risk assessment for the show home, you should pick one stage such as electrical or timber framing.


In order to complete a risk assessment you should pick one specific area of a construction project so you can focus your work. You should consider risks that are apparent in most construction jobs such as:

  1. Objects falling from above
  2. Trips and slips
  3. Objects in eyes
  4. Injuries to hands


Then think of specific risks, to help:

  1. What tools are going to be used?
  2. What materials will be used?
  3. Are there any machines such as cranes being used?


You can create you own form or use this one:


Risk Assessment Form