Unit Overview
Grading Criteria
P1 - Responsibilities
P2 - Legislation
M1 - Interaction
P3 - Identifying Hazards
P4 - Risk Assessment
M2 - Completing a risk assessment
D1 - Justify a Risk Assessment
P5 - Control Measures
P6 - Accident Reporting
M3 - Accident Data
D2 - Evaluating Accident Reports

Unit Overview

In this unit you will be learing about health and safety at work, this is an essential subject for anyone involved in the construction industry.


By the end of this unit you should have a good understanding of how health and safety will apply to you and others in the construction industry both on a practical and legal level.


You will understand the organisations and legislation that support the construction industry.










  1. Brainstorm all the things that you think that you will