Unit Overview
Grading Criteria
P1 - Responsibilities
P2 - Legislation
M1 - Interaction
P3 - Identifying Hazards
P4 - Risk Assessment
M2 - Completing a risk assessment
D1 - Justify a Risk Assessment
P5 - Control Measures
P6 - Accident Reporting
M3 - Accident Data
D2 - Evaluating Accident Reports

D2 - Evaluating Accident Reports

Criteria - evaluate a given accident report and suggest improvements to workplace systems to avoid a recurrence.


Task -Following an accident on one of your companies construction sites you have been asked to analyse the accident report and produce an evaluation of the report.


Your boss has asked you to suggest ways in which the accident could have been prevented and ways in which a similar accident could be prevented in future.




Date - 10/1/12 Time - 18.15

Location - Development of domestic houses, Godalming, Surrey.


Summary - 1 person injured with a broken leg, serious bruising to the ribs, after the scaffolding he was working on was struck by a digger and collapsed.


Mr P Collins was checking measurements prior to ordering windows for the houses on the development, in order to do this he had scaled the scaffolding and was at the height of the first floor when the scaffolding was struck by the digger.


The digger was in question was digging the trench for the slip foundations on the adjacent house, whilst a banksman had been overseeing the dig, he had been called away to try and locate some missing materials.


First Aid was administered at the scene and an ambulance was called immediately, prior to the ambulance arriving the casualty had been made stable and comfortable in a manner appropriate with his injuries and recommended first aid treatment.


Following a detailed investigation the following points have been made by the inspector:

  1. Mr P Collins was not an employee of the construction company and worked instead for the sub-contractor that will provide the windows for the site. Further investigation has shown that no one was on duty at the gate and as such he was not checked into the site.
  2. The company has a register and visitors book on site, but this did not appear to be kept up to date.
  3. As a result of the above the banksman had no idea that a visitor was on site and did not feel it necessary to stop the dig of the slip foundations whilst he dealt with another matter.
  4. The ambulance service commended the first aid treatment that was given Mr Collins.
  5. The time of the accident may be significant, given that it would have been dark by 18.15 in february, although floodlights where present on the site.


When writing your report consider the following:

  1. Did anyone make mistakes?
  2. Do you think anyone is to blame for the accident?
  3. What other factors contributed to the accident?
  4. What are the legal implications for the construction company?
  5. How might this affect the companies reputation?
  6. What changes should be made to make sure this doesn't happen again?


Task 2

You are working for a private health and safety consultancy, read the attached accident report prepare a suitable response.


Accident Report

Example Response.