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Types of Construction
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Types of Construction


Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Timber panels with insulation in the middle, they are made off site and erected quickly reducing the time on site. They are thermally efficient and have low U-Values, several companies have developed systems of construction based around the principle of SIPs.






Timber Frame Construction

This is when the main suporting structure of the house is made from pre fabricated timber walls, the building is then clad with another material such as brick which adds thermal insulation and weather proofing, but this does not hold the building up.


Timber framing takes less time on site than traditional construction methods and as the panels are factroy made there is less chance of error when it comes to the size of window openings.








Traditional Cavity Wall Construction

This is using bricks and blocks to create a cavity wall for the outside or load bearing walls, the internal space is divided using stud or partition walls which are non load bearing.




Cross Wall Construction

This is where the side walls provide the support for the building, it is commonly used in apartment blocks