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norman fosterNorman Foster

Norman Foster is an English architect who is famous for his modern looking commercial buildings. He was knighted in 1990. amongst his designs are the tallest bridge in the world, the Milau Viaduct in Southern France and the Gherkin in the City of London.


gherkinNorman Foster founded an Architectural Design company called Foster and Partners, click here to get an idea of the range of projects they have completed.


Norman Foster has been awarded a wide range of awards for his architecture and his designs are respected all around the world.


As a child Foster was interested in engineering, this led him to want to design buildings as he got older.


newyorkNorman Foster has worked with several other famous designers such as Buckminster Fuller and was influenced by many designers from Bauhaus period of design.


Whilst studying Norman Foster had to take on several jobs to pay for his studies, including working as a night club bouncer, ice cream seller and a night shift at a bakery.



  1. List 2 things about Norman Foster using a full sentence.
  2. Describe his buildings.
  3. Explain what an Architect is.
  4. Try to design something in the style of Norman Foster







milau bridge