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Art Deco was a design movement that was popular between 1910 and 1940, it originated in France and spread around the world.







deco carchryslerArt Deco became popular just as the world was starting to become more industrialised, the streamlined style of Art Deco was quite easy to manufacture.


This period of time was when architects were making higher and higher skyscrapers, Buildings such as the Chrysler Building, the Empire State and Flat Iron building are examples of the style being used in Architecture.

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deco posterPeople began to travel more and there are many good examples of Art Deco posters advertising tourist destinations.





Create a poster that includes the following:

1 - Art Deco written in an Art Deco font.

2 - Write three facts about Art Deco in full sentences

3 - Either create your own Art Deco poster or design an Art Deco building.

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