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Natural woods are woods that grow naturally, they can be grouped into two main groups, softwoods and hardwoods, the name hardwood does not actually mean that the wood is harder than a softwood, for example balsa wood is a hardwood and is very soft, it can be dented with your finger.


The table below compares the differences between softwoods and hardwoods:




Hardwood trees are wide and bushy in shape.

Softwood trees are tall and thin

Hardwood trees have broad leaves and bear a fruit or a nut.

Softwood trees have needles and pine cones.

Hardwood Trees loose their leaves in winter, they are deciduous.

Softwood trees do not loose their needles in winter and are coniferous.

Hardwood trees take 100 to 150 years to grow and as a result cost more.

Softwood trees reach maturity in about 20-30 years, as they grow more quickly they are generally cheaper.

The grain on a hardwood is close together.

As the softwoods grow more quickly the grain is further apart, one ring per year.

Examples - Oak - Ash - Beech - Walnut - Teak

Examples - Pine - Cedar - Scots Pine - Douglas Fir